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Protect yourself and your family with Insurance Products

The role of insurance as part of a financial plan is to replace the income that would be lost if something catastrophic happened you or someone in your family and were no longer able to generate an income. The goal is to make sure that, even if there is a negative life event, you and your family will not suffer a lower standard of living now or in retirement.

The role of insurance is to make sure that if one of these things happens to you or a family member, it won’t ruin your financial plan. You or your surviving loved ones will still have the money needed to sustain the same level of lifestyle. That’s why your financial plan may include three types of insurance products to protect you and your family.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance pays a tax-free lump sum if the insured person passes away. We design your plan with the expectation that this amount will be invested according to the risk tolerance of the surviving spouse in order to produce ongoing income if a premature death occurs.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance pays a monthly tax-free benefit if you become temporarily or permanently disabled and cannot work at your current occupation. Studies show that an accident or illness will cause about one person in three to be disabled for 90 days or more in their lifetime.


Annuities are sold by an insurance company. They provide future payments based on the performance of the contract's underlying investment. They can also guarantee a minimum payment regardless of the performance of the underlying investments to achieve a level of income required in the future. The rate of return of the underlying securities may vary and there is risk associated.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.