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Financial Planning

Access to financial planning for all, for free

Without disrupting your current budget, a personalized financial plan will recommend the most suitable strategy to grow, manage and protect your wealth.

A totally free service.

*There is no cost for the planning however, there may be asset management fees, and other possible costs involved with implementing the plan.

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Free, guided and objective planning

Knowing what to do on a monthly basis to maintain lifestyle while planning for the future can be an arduous task. Most households will experience a significant lifestyle change, and oftentimes due to an unforeseen event.


That’s where we come in. Without changing your current budget, our planning professionals will use millions of calculations to formulate and recommend the most appropriate, and mathematically sound personalized plan to grow and protect your wealth. Did we mention it’s free?

What’s a financial plan?

A financial plan is exactly what it sounds like – a plan for your finances. A crucial tool ultimately providing a road map for handling your money and working towards less stress and more success. Building a financial plan typically involves evaluating your current financial situation (income, expenses, etc.) then implementing a personalized strategy for your financial future.

Your financial plan will help you by creating a timeline for you to follow your goals. It helps you focus the way you manage your money and your time on reaching financial goals, so that you can lead the lifestyle you want.

An important part of your financial plan is your budget. Your budget allows you to plan how and when you want to spend your money. It makes it easier to find ways to save money and to find extra money to get out of debt. While a financial plan may seem daunting, our Pros make it anything but!

Your Mountain West Wealth plan

Your MWW plan will give you clear and concise recommendations to optimize your liquidity, savings, spending, investments and insurance. That means having the tools and confidence to know exactly what steps to take each month to ensure, grow, and plan for every life stage. We are here to help realize and implement your goals and plans at the lowest possible cost.